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Impact Calculator

Our Impact calculator's results are based on your Market data and Income and Taxes inputs. They provide a general picture of what is described in the previous section and not the exact calculation of the benefits.

Market Data Input:

Total number of lawful Tourist Rentals, Hotel rooms and other accommodation types available in your location

Enter the total number of lawful Short and Mid Term Rentals, Hotel rooms, and other accommodation types available in your location, using statistical data related to your local node or information available elsewhere, such as, or other relevant sources of information.
For more precise results, you might consider excluding the number of accommodation units in hotel chains if they are dominant in your location.

Percentage of the market potentially present on

This item refers to the percentage of presence in potential local nodes. Given the organic growth of the, we recommend starting with 5% and not exceeding 10%. That, of course, depends on the available accommodation types in your node. If most available accommodation is in the large hotels, then the total percentage of the potential capacity included in the market is less, and vice versa. However, play around with those numbers and imagine all the possibilities.

Average length of stay

This item refers to the average length of stay in your local node that you can find in statistical reports or on the Tourism Board's web site. In case you can't find those data, or they don't exist for your node, you can use the general value of 2,5 days.

Average price for night

We recommend you find and enter the latest data on or

Occupancy rate

Please note that this item doesn't refer to the average occupancy rate in your local node that you can find in statistical reports or on the Tourism Board's web site. It refers only to the bookings the hosts might have through our platform. Given our development phase and the fact that the majority of the hosts are present on other platforms as well, we suggest you start with entering the lowest occupancy rate (15%) and try higher percentages for the years to come.

Income and Local Taxes Input:

Think of different tax plans available for specific types of hosts and figure out approximately the average value for all of them to get a glimpse of how much money could be returned to your local node, region, or country. This information is especially of interest to government authorities on different levels, so don't hesitate to use it in meetings with local authorities, presentations, and press material. annual output in the destination

After filling in your inputs, you will discover the true potential of the positive impact could have on your destination, fostering its economic and social sustainability.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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