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What is a Local Node?

Local nodes are networks of hosts, experience providers, scouts, activists, local entities, connectors, volunteers, and others, that are coordinated by the LN Ambassadors to facilitate the development of in a particular area.

They are the engines of, tailoring the platform to the needs of local communities, deciding on the projects that will be funded by revenues, creating the local rules for the hosts, and ensuring the cooperative’s principles are upheld.

The Actors of a Node are:

Local Node Ambassadors: local reference persons who activate and manage the node
‌Local partners: who support the ambassador in promotional and social activities.
Community projects: ‌Projects implemented by local or national organisations that contribute achieving the local nodes' sustainable goals and are funded through the re-investment of the platform fees
Collaborators: ‌Guests, travelers or collaborators in general participating in the activities also through open social channels.
Hosts: accommodation providers who fulfil the local Fairbnb rules
Experience providers: individuals or organisations that provide experiences in compliance to the principles (coming soon)
Scouts: individuals who serve as a support to experience providers, ensuring compliance with principles (coming soon)

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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