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What is is a community-powered innovative alternative to the existing booking platforms that puts people over profit. It gathers a whole range of players from private, public and civic sectors, all driven to create sustainable and authentic living and travel experiences through empowering local communities and strengthening the links between the hosts and guests.

The ultimate goal of the is to minimize the negative effects of tourism that we are witnessing all around the world:

Extractive economies > Revenues for tourism are in the hands of few. ‌Tourism at any cost imposes itself on local realities, draining resources and modifying our cities for the benefit of global stakeholders, often leaving no space for locals to get their piece of cake.

Loss of Local Identity > ‌The imposition of tourist standards substitutes the culture and traditional life of the local communities. Many tourist destinations have lost or been losing their authenticity, as they started to look alike and have almost the same tourist offer.

Gentrification and "Touristification" > ‌Extractive tourism transforms areas lived by local people into prestigious areas for investors by changing the identity of neighbourhoods and pushing residents from the attractive areas and decreasing their quality of life.

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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