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How to apply for getting my project supported through

If you are an organization with a social, cultural, or environmental project that you think is an excellent opportunity to be a part of and receive funds through re-distribution of the fees, we first ask you to:

Visit our Community Page and check on the map if the location you live is pinned
If yes, click on the pin, visit your local node Community Page and get in touch with your local node ambassador
Your local node ambassador will send you the application form after you meet, learn more about both organizations, their mission, and values, and agree upon cooperation
If your destination is not pinned on the map, you can express your interest by sending us an email, and we will get you in touch with our local reference person as soon as we get one.

Once the application form has been submitted through the ambassador and relevant SDG identified, it gets into pre-approval procedure. In case it is approved, you will be invited to electronically sign the required document.

After the document is signed, your project will get to be chosen for support by the guests if the host from your locality decides to offer it to their guests.

Please note that the host gets to choose 1-3-projects to provide to their guests for support, and in case there are more than 3 in your locality, yours might not be included.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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