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How do I find out about regulations for my location?

As it is clear from the name itself,'s main principle and value is fairness. We are trying to connect fair guests with fair hosts through our platform to create fair communities around the globe.

Do you want to foster fairness within your community by supporting community projects carefully selected to address the needs of locals and to attract travelers who are aware of how damaging tourism can be for the local communities and want to do something about that?

We invite you to explore the requirements for your locality (we call it a local node).

Go to Community Page
Scroll down to get to the map "Our active and upcoming destinations"
Click the pin of the destination you want to join as a host
Read the Host requirements
If you find yourself a fit, click Become Host and follow the instructions
If you are unsure whether you are a fit or you have additional questions, contact your local node ambassador from the same page

Suppose you are unsure about local/regional/national regulations related to tourism rentals. In that case, you can also contact your local node ambassador, who will inform you where to find legislation and how to proceed.

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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