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What accommodation details are mandatory to enter?

If you are wondering what accommodation details are mandatory to enter to have your listing published if it is following the local rules, there is a pre-step you need to make.

Sign in
Click your name in the upper right corner
Go to My Profile
Insert your profile photo, select spoken languages and your mother tongue, and insert your payment details
Let your guests get to know you by writing a short chapter about yourself

If your profile is set, pay intention to the listing you added or are adding. To be eligible for the local rules compliance check, it should contain at least:

Number of bedrooms and info about beds
Bathroom (private or shared)
Local info about where the host lives
National codes, if applicable for your country
Tourist tax info
Check-in and check-out info
At least a couple of photos
Projects you chosen
Base price
Cancellation policy
Up to date or synchronized calendar, in case your listing is also published on other platforms

All other information you enter is also crucial for the guests and will help you be better ranked in the search.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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