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How to book a place to stay for yourself?

After you signed in to your profile, searched available accommodation for your destination, and chosen the one that matches best your needs, please

Click the chosen listing
Explore community projects you could support
Click Book now
You will be offered one or more projects available for support in the destination you travel
If there is more than one, one is always preselected. If that's the one you want to support, leave it. If not, click on it to get another one preselected for you.
When the community project you want to support is preselected, scroll down
Enter a message to the host if you want
Read and accept terms and conditions

Your booking request is sent to the host, who has 48 hours to confirm it or decline it; otherwise, it will be expired.

The booking is only sent to the host AFTER authorization is done. So depending on your card/bank interface you will need to go through a process to enter your card and bank details and then authenticate yourself via the procedure in place for your bank. Currently, we support Mastercard and Visa.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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